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Wow so Megan has now given up on pants. While as a male I say this can be nothing but a good thing. Going to work its not a good look at least if you aren't wearing a dress that is. So if you don't want the short bus kids laughing at you please put on pants. Lol


About the nude thing, I usually do that and it's awkward when I go out in public and everyone notices, but then I wake up. :-)


Ahh, this sounds like my current state of unemployment except for me I'm all "I'll just stay in pajamas thanks" and then I go to yoga in flannel pants and people judge me.


Love the robe idea for work. Don't forget slippers. Can see Obama giving a STU address in a robe. Terrorists would lose their zeal...how can you take people in robes seriously and hurt them?

-not a fan of humanity either

-fan of nudity. Propose a National Nudity Day.

Get some sleep tall toddler....

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