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Cadbury eggs do cure everything don't they?

I only JUST checked your old blog to see that you are now writing in a new one and I am so glad you are because I've missed your writing.

Also I am so sorry it's been such a crazy couple of weeks. I hope all the tests come back with some easy to fix something?


You and me both!


When I got stoned for my MRI last year (thanx, Ativan!), I serenaded the MRI technician with the entire opening to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" but only after I'd told my mother about how a guy I'd run into in the lobby was a guy I'd had a one-night-stand with a couple years ago. And that he only lasted two minutes so it barely counted.

My biopsy came back benign after months of anguish over it. I said it figured - all that angst for what was ultimately nothing... I'll hope for the same result for you.


AJ, thank you. I'm so glad you got great news back and that all is ok. Also, I'm now very, very glad my mom wasn't in the room with me and that it was a friend that I accidentally texted the word nipples to (instead of muppets).


This made me laugh so hard! Then I felt bad for laughing because you're not feeling well. Oh, why must I feel so conflicted?!?

Hope everything comes back normal.

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