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long time reader first time commenter. silly opening but well I've read your blog for years no clue how I even found it but I always come back to you to see how you're doing. I love your humor and joy in life will really serve you well. you're a strong lady who I can tell is doing all she can and the best that you can not only for your daughter but for yourself. I'm proud of you. you don't know me but I'm so incredibly proud of you for what that is worth.


Megan -- thank you and thank you for reading along with me. That statement is worth a lot, and I truly appreciate it.


A warrior goddess pretty much sums it up. Cheers to one year lady, you did it. And you're kicking ass. Looking forward to properly celebrating with tutus and wines and babies who sleep.


Dude. I cannot wait for these babies to sleep! (Also wine and tutus)


I'm not sure which title I would prefer you to have, Warrior Goddess or person-who-handles-life's-shit-over-and-over-like-a-boss(eventually)


Conrad, I vote for both. It makes for a long business card but I like it.


I have been a long long time reader and I just love you even more now! Your story is a bit similar to my own! You are awesome and definitely a warrior goddess! You have done what has always been said takes a village. You and your sweet girl are beautiful and I look forward to watching you both grow in the next year.


Thank you, Tracey!! xo

Megan C.

I think your friend said it perfectly when she called you a "warrior goddess." It takes an unbelievably strong woman to go through what you have been through. And hey look...you are making it through it and kicking some serious ass at it. I often read your blog and have for years. I am so glad that you turned what many would think is a negative situation into a positive. Cheers to you and your little lady!

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